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DA Lighting LED product range includes indoor and outdoor fixtures and lamps, such as down-lights, tubes, ceiling panel, linear lights, floodlight, street lights and hi-bay lighting. The whole range which combines unique design and high quality performance is backed by factory warranty, making them ideal for all domestic and commercial environments.

DA Lighting LED Lights have minimum of heat generated.This will reduce lots of heat comparing with using the traditional lights and low performance led lights. Furthermore, DA Lighting LED lights reduce lots of running cost for the air-conditioner in the commercial buildings because of the much less heat generated by the led lights.

DA Lighting patent protected high CRI (Color Rendering Index) technology is unique and solves this problem by using a combination of red and white chips to create a led light source where CRI can reach as much as 93ra. Moreover this technology is not only limited to led down-lights, but also used in the led tubes, and led ceiling panel ranges – giving DA Lighting products a massive advantage and competitive edge over other led lights products. While most of the high CRI products on the market are utilising red phosphors to create the high CRI, this however has a serious limitations, because once the light reaches 2000~ 3000 hours and the build up of heat causes the red phosphor to fade away, resulting in reduced CRI and also reduce the output efficiency of the light.

Why is High CRI important in the commercial and retail outlets? The Hi-CRI will give a truer display of actual colours, for example, in the supermarket environment, with the Hi-CRI, the groceries and meats will look much more fresh and natural, apples will look vivid reds, while the lettuce will look a sharper green, helping to improve sales because the nature colours will attract the customers.The pictures shown next to this article, shown Dowin’s led down-lights installed in one of the shopping centres in Sydney. These locations were originally installed with 75W Metal Halide down-lights at five (5) meters height, creating lots of patches of light due to the narrow beam of the Metal Halide lamps and giving a CRI reading of less than 65ra. Now replaced with DA Lighting’s LED down-light, using only 23W in total power consumption, the area is well lit.There is a more even light distribution and a much better quality of light output.The Color Rendering index is now over 80ra in the general areas, while the food preparation areas in one of the supermarket have been replaced with our CRI 93ra led down-lights to maximise the color appearance of the goods.

With DA Lighting technology, it is now not only possible, but realistic to replace all the traditional light sources in all the applications. Efficacy of DA Lighting’s LED down-light reaches 55lumens per system watts, and the led tubes products reach more than 93 lumen per system watts, these figures are the most advanced and leading technology in the LED applications available today and allow DA Lighting to provide the most efficient lights in terms of lumen per dollar or Lumens per watts.

Apart from the unique technology in the hi-cri, DA Lighting is also the only supplier in the market to supply the LED tubes with 270 degree beam angle. This will give 8% more light output comparing with other LED tubes on the market. The fittings with reflectors will be more efficient using Dowin’s unique led tubes.

With new building codes in Australia stipulating that lighting should use a maximum of 5W per m(square) in new construction projects, LED lights will be the first choice for all the new buildings and commercial applications.However you need to identify what the quality products are, and whether the claims of the lifespan are sustainable.

DA Lighting has been serving in Australia for some time and our LED lighting products have already been supplied to government sectors and also large blue chips organisations, where applications include offices, supermarket, shopping centres, museum, galleries, car parks, pathway, warehouses and other niche applications.


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Our range of indoor and outdoor fixtures and lamps includes down-lights, tubes, ceiling panel, linear lights, floodlight, street lights and hi-bay lighting for every domestic and commercial environments.

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